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          Pressure testing branch
          Technology introduction
          · Pipeline cleaning technology
          · Pipeline pressure testing
          · Pipeline drying technology
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             ZhongTuo Pipeline Cleaning&Reparing Engineering Co.,LTD,founded in 1997,now has changed the name into HE NAN ZHONG TUO PIPELINE ENGINEERING Co.,LTD. Located in The city of   Puyang,Henan Pro.,ZHONG TUO is a professional corporation reformed from Zhong Yuan Mineral Oil Field,SINOPEC,specializing in pipeline special technical services.
              The Pressure Testing Branch is Subordinate to HE NAN ZHONG TUO PIPELINE ENGINEERING Co.,LTD engaged in the following fields:provide operation on Pipeline Cleaning,Pressure Testing,Drying,Replacement and Damage Inspection,Anti-corrosion of Metal&Non-Metal materials,Light&Stronge Anti-Corrosion,special Anti-Corrosion,and Mineral Oil&Gas Running Service. Since founding,the Testing Branch made efforts to focus on developing the core business of Pipeline Cleaning,Pressure Testing,Drying and Replacement,meanwhile strive to  improve the level of equipment, team quality and professional qualifications,formed the core competetion advantage in expanding the market.The Branch is now,no matter in professional technologies and equipments or services,in the pioneer position in concerned field.It has been issued 10 technological patents,among which the multi-stage high-pressure water pump wagon and technolongy has been eevaluated and certificated by the the Ministry of Science and Technology Achievements of China,and is listed in National Science and Technology Achievements Guide.

              With the expansion of core business,the core competetion advantage has been even more strengthened,which leads the Branch to historical breakthroughs one after another,and the realization of a double breakthrough of production value and benefits, and won  reputation to the company’s industry brand.The Branch has taken part in many important projects,see as follows:
              Cleaning,pressure testing&drying of Zhongwu Gas Pipeline;Southwest China Product Oil Pipeline cleaning and pressure testing; Pearl River Delta Product Oil Pipeline cleaning and pressure testing;Changsha(Hu Nan Pro.China)gas pipeline cleaning,pressure testing and drying operation;Wuhan(HubeiPro.China)gas pipeline cleaning,pressure testing and drying project;Lan Zheng(Lanzhou to Zhengzhou to Changsha) Product Oil Pipeline pressure testing;Xi yan Product Oil Pipeline pressure testing; cleaning,pressure testing&drying for Sending Gas from Sichuan Prov. to east China Project; the overall pressure testing,water transport, and nitrogen filling for Li Sha Product Oil Pipeline under CNOOC(China National Offshore Oil Corporation); Changji Gas Pipeline pressure test,drying and replacement;Yong Tang Qin Gas Pipeline pressure test,drying,replacement Project;Pressure Test and Replacement for Second Line of West to East China Gas Transportation;Off-shore Dewatering,Drying and replacement for Le Dong Gas Field(CNOOC),and so on and so forth. The Branch has obtained a lot of experience from these projects,making it a domestic professional company on Pipeline special operation .

                The main equipments of the Branch including
          16 Sets of Aircompressors,Volume 20m3rs/min/ 1.4Mpa.
          8  Sets of Airboosters,Volume 20m3/min/ 15Mpa.
          10 Sets of Combined pressure and water pump wagon(Max Volume 280m3,Max Pres 25mpa)
          8  Sets of Combined pressure and water pump wagon(Max Volume380m3,Max Pres 40mpa)
          6  Sets of Air Dryer  120m3/min
          And  so on...

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