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          · CIPP resin hose lining technology
          · Stainless steel lining repairing technology
          · CHC reinforce repairing technology
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             The Reparing Branch is a Professional company specialized in Pipeline Cleaning,Reparing,Anti-corrosion as well as chemical product manufacturing and salesment.It has now obtained 17 National Reparing Patents.Owning Pipeline Insertion Method, flip method,stainless steel lining and coating method,it is considered as a professional company that has the most   comprehensive technologies. In 2001, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) lining rehabilitation technology for the old pipeline was adopted by the State Ministry of Science and Technology Achievements and is included in Chinese National Science and Technology Achievements Guide.In 2002,the Company was named“High-tech enterprises”by Science and Technology Agency of Henan Province.In 2003 a Technology Center of the Company’s own was founded,and recognized as Provincial enterprise technology center in 2008 by Henan Development and Reform Commission.Now the company is member enterprise of International Society for Trenchless Technology and China Society for Trenchless Technology. It was recognized as Recommended Enterprises for urban water supply industry in Shandong Province. In April 2009,the company passed the overall recognition of Management system certification, environmental management system certification and occupational health and safety management system.
              Since founding,the Branch never stopped self-challenge,and has gained so many No.1.In 2009,Trenchless Project reached 25 .35km,among which the Branch has created a new record of 16.68km on inside coating reparing under Urumqi Petrochemical Company(Xinjiang).The Urumuqi Project is also the largest scale in recent domestic reparing works.For all these years,the Branch has done the repair work of all sorts of old pipelines,including Oil&Gas Pipeline, Sewers,tap-water Pipelines,Petrochemical Pipelines.Reparing range is between 75—1400mm.The 1400mm Huang River Water Transport Pipeline DN1400(Bao Gang Group)Repair is the largest recorded domesticly.ZhongTuo takes effort to make self-challenge,as to have successfully completed the repair work of Zhuzhou Tapwater Crossriver Pipeline DN800,it was also the very first experience domesticly.During the flip repairment,the Branch successfully repaired Sewage of Suzhou Drainage Company.
             The Repairment Branch will continue to focus on the principle of People-Orientation,STechnology Innovation and keep up with times,base on present,plan for the future,always start from scratch.ZHONGTUO is,with its own honest&scientific working attitude,with a principle of Quality First,able and is confident to complete all kinds of repair work.  
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