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          Chad Branch
          Henan ZhongTuo Petroleum Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., Chad Branch, mainly engaged in the installation of oil, natural gas, municipal pipelines and horizontal directional crossing; pipeline pigging , pressure testing, drying, replacement, anti-corrosion and insulation , Pipeline testing, hot tapping, line pipe trenchless lining repair, pipeline operation services, oil/gas field maintenance, chemical/physical cleaning,COW mechanical cleaning large cans of specialization company, and oilfield construction, refinery project, chemical engineering, petroleum and chemical products storage and transportation engineering, pipeline engineering, oil and gas storage project consulting, procurement contracting engineering services.
                               Physical and chemical containers pipe cleaning technology
                               Pipeline installation and maintenance
                               Cleaning pipes pressure test
                               Detection and Evaluation 
                               Old pipeline non stop repair technology
                               Boiler maintenance, cleaning
                               Production and installation of high-voltage cabinet 

               Contact Us:
                              TEL:+235-63001157       235-63657639
                              E-mail: ztchad@gmail.com
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