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          Zhongtuo Engineering Design (Beijing) Co., Ltd
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                The Zhongtuo Engineering design (Beijing) Co., Ltd., is based on oil and gas and chemical engineering, consulting, EPC-based contracting of high-tech enterprises, can be engaged in oil refining engineering, chemical engineering, petroleum and chemical products storage and transportation projects, pipeline transportation engineering, oil and gas storage project, construction, light steel structure engineering, consulting, procurement and general EPC contracting services.
          we are specialized in oil and gas pipelines, gas and other municipal water supply and drainage projects Trenchless pipe repair, non- excavation works and other projects laying design, construction and EPC contract. 


                 Address: Taiping Street, Xuanwu District, Beijing R & F 6 Morgan Center E-310
                 Zip Code: 100050
                 Contact: Ge Jingli
                 Tel: 18600016993
                 E-mail: ztxf@ztxf.com.cn
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