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                                                                                                    Manager’s remark
                Time flies away, Henan Zhongtuo engineering company was established in 1997, which has been growing for 13 years, 13 years in the vast history, for our company , its just a short moment, Zhongtuo’s employees has acted bravely and work hard for any coming challenges.

                In the early development of the company, we started working as pipeline cleaning company in Zhongyuan oilfield, with only a group of 15 employees, and poor equipments, our persistence and sweat has always been our fundamental strength for company’s constant growth. As oil field output declines steadily in recently years, our company growth has confronted great numerous great challenges, but stood at that starting point, we have maintained calm and patient, and seizing more growing opportunities. We decided to go into this much more fierce and competitive free market. In order to have development for our company, we have experienced a lot of failures and frustrations, but we have grown rapidly through constant learning from our lessons and experiences. Our company has developed from single pipeline cleaning services to integrated services of pipeline design, installation, pressure test, rehabilitation, overall test, and employees increases to over 400, our equipments and configurations are also becoming better and better. n technology development, on the basis of accumulated experience and the development of the market, we have established several branches and other subsidiary companies at home and abroad.
                Sea can be changed to ground, and desert can change into forest, which its metaphor of nothing is impossible through hard working. These achievements have benefited from government’s good policy and environment, we appreciate provincial and municipal levels the correct leadership of governor;
                We also appreciate constant help and support from the majority of the industry's customers; we also benefit from the Zhongtuo engineering company more than 400 brothers and sisters and the staff and their beloved families, working hard, united, and persistence are our unchanging motto.         
                 Standing at a new height and starting point, we should come forward from a growing company to a mature enterprise, and earnestly fulfill our social responsibility and economic responsibility; we pursue a gradual harmonious development of society and economy. We keep enhancing the industry technical standards, and constantly responsibility to meet the needs of the community; we also persists reform and innovation as the driving force, for the pursuit of the enterprise management level and scale of the harmonious development of enterprise development. We persist in seizing market opportunities, for the pursuit of business model and the harmonious development of enterprise scale. A solid strategy for the implementation of human resources, people-oriented, we also pursue quality of staff quality and harmonious development of enterprises; only perseverance, our comprehensive strength and competitiveness can be strengthened.

                 A new journey, we will make every effort to more efforts, one of us will continue to expand unity and cooperation, hands by hands, to provide comprehensive services in good faith, to create a more brilliant in the Rio tomorrow!
                                                                                            General Manager : Mr. Xu Xiaohua
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