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              Founded in 1997,the company(Zhongtuo Pipeline Cleaning&Repair Engineering Co., Ltd.,) is a specialized company engaged in pipeline special technical services.After years of hardwork since founding,the company has developed s tep by step,and has obtained till now 16 patents. The company has experience in the chemical&physical cleaning and other pipeline and equipment cleaning technology, interspersed law, flip method, coating method and other trenchless lining remediation and restoration technology,and CHC external        reinforcement, pipeline cleaning and pressure testing, drying, replacement, non-destructive testing and inspection, corrosion and thermal insulation technology and equipment,among which the interspersed U-HDPE pipeline repair technology for the old pipeline has been adopted by the State Ministry of Science and Technology Achievements assessment identified and is included in Chinese National Science and Technology Achievements Guide.
                As a company providing professional pipeline technical services,under the curcumstances that Zhongyuan oil field,after large-scale exploration,has stepped into stable production,and ground capacity buinlding keeps declining,the leaders switch the focusing point to the free but risky social market,and take pipeline reparing and pressure testing as the core business, and to establish a set of market economy development system and operation mechanism.As for market developing, by constant sum up of experience and exploration of the laws of the market,on the basis of reality, the company gradually built up a joint development system and the external market operation mechanism,which includes Marketing Department (repair Marketing,pressure test marketing),technology developing,project management.The company rivised and betterd the the external market development and management,and formed a new pattern of operation consists of responsibiionlity implementation,coordination and cooperation.
                Based on the above-mentioned efforts, Company took as business focus the development of petroleum, municipal pipeline repair, gas, oil pipeline pigging, pressure testing, drying, and replacement, making efforts to improve the level of equipment, team quality and professional qualifications,form the core competetion advantage in expanding the market.
                Presently the company has antiseptic and insulation qualification CLASS 2, registered capital reached 30 million CNY, annual output value increasing year by year.And the company has 400 more staff,among whom 75 are secondary and above graduation,42 are university graduates. The company now has 11 project managers of 2nd CLASS,40 have medium and senior titles,and more than 70 skilled workers.
              The company now has heavy equipments 40 plus sets,including aircompressor,large cleaning equipment, hoist and so on.And also,the company owns self-developed smaller devices,including pipeline CCTV,rope-wearing machine, pull displays, underwater robots, basically chieved mechanized construction.
                Now the company has membership in China Petroleum Engineering Construction Association of Corrosion Insulation Technical Committee,International Society for Trenchless Technology, China Association of Trenchless Technology units.In 2002,it was rated“High-tech Enterprise in Henan Province.China. It is the first,in Pipeline Reparing Industry,to be issued the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification and ISO1400: 2004 Environmental Management System Certification,which gained the company much attention in Pipeline Enginering Field.
               With the expansion of core business and the enhancement of core competetion advance,the company has made a historic breakthrough  in market exploration,and has realized the double break-through of production value and benefits, and won  reputation to the company’s industry brand. 
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