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                Henan ZhongTuo pipeline installation engineering Co., LTD, founded in 1997, is the member unit of the Zhongyuan Oilfield branch of Sinopec. Mainly around the oil and gas pipeline construction, it is engaged in the pipeline installation, cleaning, pressure testing, drying, replacement, cathodic protection, hydraulic protection, cable laying, pipeline lining repairing HDPE, CIPP technology and PCM audio leakage detection.
                 In recent years, the general company increase the investment strength for the pipeline installation branch, who develops and grows on the base of the collectivization and specificication advantages. The staff team is mainly contain the personnel that had laid off and arrived to the co-solution, the troops demobilized personnel, the college graduates and oil field service workers. Now the company has 168 employees, including 18 engineering and technology personnels and economic management personnels, 12 personnels owning the senior and middle qualification and 4 architects owning the qualification of plus class 2.
                Pipeline installation branch has the strong technical force , the advanced equipment and the healthy HSE management system. The staff team, who is harmonious, operates the strict management system and has the spirit that oil workers do not fear the hardship and can fight firmly. The branch set up the management department, engineering department, market exploitation department, QHSE department, three integrated construction offices and one preservative department. Now our company has 52 engineering equipment machines, 12 construction vehicles, 46 sets of welding equipment and 14 sets of equipment and machines for the measurement and detection. The praise rate of the machinery is 100%. The company has accumulated various construction experience for all kinds of oil, gas and chemical pipeline equipment international and national. Summing up the construction methods in the environment of mountains, paddy fields and ponds and other complex operating environment, we hah finished 14 projects, whose quality is excellent especially the Sudan project which was praised well by the owners and the embassy.
                Company quality policy: organize scienticially the construction, strive for the excellent project, meet customer needs and achieve the continuous improvement. Quality goal: the engineering inspection pass rate is 100%, the single construction excellence rate is 100%, the contract compliance rate is 100% and the customer satification rate is plus 95%. The company promoted actively the moderm management methods, established the perfect quality asurance system, realised to achieve the international quality standards and developped continiously the new technology and new arts to adapt and meet the construction needs and improve the level of construction technology.
                Our company, based firmly on the domestic market, has successfully come into the international market. We insist on the first-class management to create the first-class reputation for the company, offer the first-class service with the first-class quality, do a project and create a monument. The satification of customers is the the forever pursue goal of Zhongtuo. We will base on the quality and the reputation, insist on the intensive and meticulous management road, operate completely the Zhongtuo brand strategy and expect with passion the friendly cooperations with all kinds of friends in the society.
               Contact Us :
               Contact:  Ma Tieguang
               Telephone: 0393- 4721350
               Mobile: 13603833997     
               E-mail: ztxf@ztxf.com.cn
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