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                From the 17 April 2010 to the 19 April 2010, held by Professional Trenchless Technology Committee of Chinese Geological Association, supported by Chinese Science and Technology Association, International Cooperation and Science and Technology Department of Land and Resource Ministry, Chinese Geological Survey Office, Chinese Geological Society, Chinese Geology University and other units, and other units, the Fourteenth International Trenchless Technology Proseminar and Exhibition was opened grandly at the Suzhou International Expo Center.
                General Manager Xu Xiaohua of our company representant the company attended this conference. Since its fondation, our company actively explored the field of trenchless repairing, operated a large number of projects in the construction of municipality, gas, oil pipeline and accumulated rich experience in construction, which made a significant contribution for the trenchless technology’s application and promotion in practice. At the same time, our company actively participated in the acitvites par exemple international and national technical exchanges, seminars and information exchange, jointed to make trenchless technology standards and trained many outstanding talents of trenchless technology. Therefore, in this conference, General Manager Xu Xiaohua was awarded the "Special Contribution Award" by the China Society of Trenchless Technology and at the same time our company was also named the "special contribution unit".

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