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          Notice of 2015 Qingming Festival holiday arrangement
             Every department of Company
             According to the national unified arrangement and the company’s decision, Year 2015 Qingming Festival official holiday time is from April 4 (Saturday) to April 6 (Monday), total 3 days. From April 7, staff begins to work normally. Company production departments need to arrange the personnel according to the specific project schedule. During the vacation, each business department and other function departments shall arrange person on duty and ensure the person be on call and achieve the information timely. Arrange and allocate equipments, personnel, materials etc. Especially give the persons who are in charge of projects outside ideological education, and improve their security awareness, to ensure the plain sailing of projects’ construction.
             During the vacation, the logistics personnel should be on duty normally. Each Department arranges person to be on duty and summit the list of the personnel on duty. Staff who work hard during the vacation and the employees who are still fighting in the production line, we salute you!
                                                      Henan ZhongTuo Petroleum EngineeriTechnology Co., Ltd.

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