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          Company and Ministry of Petroleum and Gas of Sudan Gas Utilization Project Signing Ceremony Completed Successfully
              In the afternoon on January 11th, 2017, Company and Ministry of Petroleum and Gas of Sudan Gas Utilization Project Signing Ceremony were held in company’s conference house. Department manager Mr. Noureldin and Business Manager Mr. Hussam of Sudapet, department manager Mr. Elzubair and Finance Manager Mr. Hussian of Ministry of Petroleum and Gas of Sudan, our company’s investor Mr. Zhang Jun, consultant Mr. Qin Yunjin, Zhongyuan gas processing plant chief engineer Mr. Chen Guocai, company’s senior leadership and chief of delegates participated  the signing ceremony. Li Xiaohui, manager of company’s international division presided over the signing ceremony.  
              At First, company’s chairman Xu Xiaohua expressed warm welcome and thanks to Sudan cooperation party’s coming of traveling a long distance for company all staff and gave congratulations for the official signing of oil and gas cooperation project based on mutual benefit and equality consultant. Mr. Xu said that Sudan is a country with rich oil and gas resources and at present Sudan’s oil has been mined, but the associated gas hasn’t been fully used, and our company hopes to make full use of the associated gas in Sudan oilfield and make benefits for the people of Sudan.           
              Secondly, Sudapet natural gas department manager Mr. Noureldin, S department manager Mr. Elzubair of Ministry of Petroleum and Gas of Sudan gave speeches. They not only strongly endorsed company’s negotiating team but also affirmed company's technology, and expressed full expectations for cooperation project and looked forward to the smooth implementation of the project which will bring large economic benefits and profound social significance for the people of Sudan.     
              This signing is another successful verification for company’s technical service model innovation and makes us catching sight of the strength of company once again, we believe that our will achieve glory step by step with continuous innovation.
          Negotiating Scene
          Negotiating Scene
          Both Parties signed agreement officially
          Both Parties signed agreement officially
          Leadership’s Group Photo of Two Parties
          Leadership’s Group Photo of Two Parties

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