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          Stand together through storm and stress for 20 years
                              -----thanks for your concomitance
             Twenty years elapses so quickly,in an instance,our corporation has pasted twenty years inadverftently.
             Our company grandly hold twenty anniversary celebration in the conference room at 10:00 AM,on March 25,2017.The celebration specially invites .Liu Qianwei,
           Mr. Li Xuesi,Mr. Huo Xinhui to speech.
             The representative of employee family, honorary staff, corporate leadership, each departments employee all dress up happily and honorsly.
             Firstly, In the song of ZhongTuo,the whole celebration is beginning, and then  everybody watch the PPT of development history and advertising video of ZhongTuo. All of people not only have the sigh emotion with the company’s brilliant achievements but also miss the hard way that company passed in the twenty years. The development of company cannot leave the contribution, effort and accompany of employee.
             Secondly, Ms. ChenJianxia who is company’s vices president announce company’s rewarding document that congratulates these employees who have entered company for twenty years. These employees include: Bian Ruikai who entered company at 1997 is present project manager of pipeline technology branch company, Zhang Jianbing who entered company at 1997 is present product manager of repairing branch company,  Liang Jianwei who entered company at 1997 is present project manager of repairing branch company.And thanks again for the contribution they have made to company. Then representation of honorary staffs and representation of employee’s family made a speech congratulating 20 years of company established and thanks for company’s training to them.
              Thirdly, the three special invited guests make brilliant speeches which obtained the whole employee’s constantly handclap. Because of the client and leadship’s support, ZhongTuo could have today’s brilliant.
             And the last,the president of company Mr XuXiaohua make a speech.The most Mr. Xu speeches on thanks: thanks for the employee’s never not to abandon,
           thanks for the employee family’s support,thanks for company and client’s training, thanks for everybody who have supported to company.
             Since company established at 1997, ZhongTuo through twenty years constantly effort have transformed from a small company to a big and becomes strong competitiveness company. And ZhongTuo based on Zhongyuan oilfield becoming a leading enterprise at the pipeline technology service industry around the world.
           ZhongTuo has passed twenty years which is a extraordinary twenty years, is a pay and benefits twenty years,is a opportunity and challenge twenty years.
             In the twenty years, the staffs of ZhongTuo have experienced the test of bitter winter,and surely will meet the hope of abundant spring. In the future, under the leadership’s correct guidance and under the support of clients, and also under the concerted efforts of all staffs, we will open a new chapter of development of corporation and creat a new glorious future.
             Let us go forward hand in hand for the next 20 years.
          All of staffs are singing the song of ZhongTuo
          All of staffs are singing the song of ZhongTuo
           The group photo of special guest,honorary staffs and leadership
          The group photo of special guest,honorary staffs and leadership
          The group of attendees
          The group of attendees
          BianRuikai (Project Menager)
              BianRuikai (Project Menager) entered ZhongTuo Petroleum at 1997,fight north and south for twenty years,obtained many achievement.
              Attended project: TianShui Project, ZhongGui Project, XiSanDongRuiJin Project,  
          HaiGuanDongFang to 22-1 project, LiSha refined petroleum project,HanZhong pressure testing project,etc.
          LiangJIanwei (project manager)
              LiangJIanwei (project manager),entered ZhongTuo Prtroleum at 1997, for twenty years, cautious and conscientious, bear hardship without complaint.
              Attended Project: Yicheng Of Guangxi project, WuHu project,  CaoHuproject, 
          branch of GuangDe project,etc.
          ZhangJIanBing (product manager)
              ZhangJIanBing (product manager),enteredZhongTuo Prtroleum at 1997, for twenty years, braved the wind and rain,with the whole-heartedly get into the word.
              Attended Project: repairment project in JiLin province, ZiBo water supply repairment in ShanDong province, watersupply repairment project in city of Amman Jordan, RiZhao water supply project,etc.

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