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          Zhongtuo Petroleum and the Belt and Road Initiative
                President Xi Jinping proposes the “ Belt and Road” initiative, which win the international community widely recognized and praised, it conform to the requirements of times development and the desire of countries speeding up the development.The Belt and Road initiative adheres to market-oriented operation, so the enterprises are important subject, it takes an important mission in promote pragmatic cooperation with relevant countries in win-win areas.Our company is the only one specialized company that with trenchless technology services , pipeline operation and maintenance technology, pipeline technology research and development, pipeline engineering machinery, consciously makes the enterprise development into the development of the country. In recently years, our company vigorously practicing the “Belt and Road” Initiative, combine the advantages of enterprises with the development needs of other countries, strive to achieve win-win development.
                Practicing the “Belt and Road” Initiative requires a global vision and international perspective. Since 2004, Zhongtuo Petroleum already successfully entered into the international market, until now we already set up branch companies in Sudan, South Sudan, Chad, Iran, Algeria, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Burma, India, Kazakhstan, Philippines and other more than ten countries, accounted for about 40% in total performance.
                During the “Belt and Road” Initiative construction, our company upholds the concept of win-win cooperation through communication and honest to each other. The Purified water transmitting and pressure testing which belongs to ministry of agriculture, Saudi Arabia that allowed to start in December 2013,  our company is guided by "international" development, optimized and combined the personnel on site, formed a pressure test team that 3 Chinese engineers as technical guidance, Indian and Pakistani as the main workers,we pay attention to local worker training to make the project secular development, bring long-term benefits to the owners, our approaches has won high praise from owners and supervisors.
                In September 16th,2016, the pipeline rehabilitation project started in Sudan and Iraq, which verified the strategic direction that rehabilitation work as leader driven other business, laid a good foundation of oversea market development. It marked that further expansion of the company's overseas projects,and also reflected in company strong belief in the overseas market and firm faith of achieve win-win development.
                In afternoon of January 11, 2017, the company signed a official cooperation with Sudan Ministry of oil and gas,Sudan is a country rich in oil and gas resources. At present, Sudan’s oil has been exploited, but associated gas has not been used very well, company hoped that make effective use of associated gas with Sudan oilfield, bringgood economic benefits and far-reaching social meaning to the Sudan people and achieve win-win development.  

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