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          Put into escort for the first coal transfer line in China
          - ShenWei pipeline project recorded
              Shenwei coal transportation pipeline project estimate total investment 7.3 billion yuan, the annual coal output 10 million tons. The line is 727 km in length and runs through northern Shanxi and Guanzhong areas. It begins with the Hongliuling Coal Mine in the north of Shenmu County and south ends at Linwei and Huaxian in Weinan. It passes through the three cities of Yulin, Yan'an and Weinan. Main line pass to Pucheng County, Weinan City, Shanxi Province, the two branches from Pucheng County to Weihua and Shanhua, the geological conditions are extremely complex, Its China's first coal pipeline,and also the world's longest coal transfer pipeline project.
              Our company to undertake pigging, intelligent diameter measurement, pressure test for Shenwei coal pipeline among the stations. Total length: 727km and divided into 7 sections for construction. Long distance, high gap,more tunnels, rugged mountain road, highly construction difficulties. Under the leadership of the project manager Bian Ruikai, all the members of Zhongtuo ShenWei Project Team work together and stand fighting difficulties. The successful completion of two branches from Pucheng County to Weihua and Shanhua won the praise of Party A, EPC and supervisors.
              Company Shenwei project department will make persistent efforts to continue its efforts to fully complete the next construction tasks.

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