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          Fight the snow, Overcome the cold weather,Build success in the desert
          -congratulate the successful completion of the first and fourth tenders of China-Russian crude oil pipeline the second-line project
              China-Russian crude oil pipeline the second-line project started from Mohe first station near Xing'an Town, Mohe County, Heilongjiang Province, passing through the two provinces of Heilongjiang and Inner Mongolia, and ending at Linyuan Gas Station in Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province. The total length is 941.8km, diameter is 813mm, and design pressure is 9.5MPa 11.5MPa.
              The first tender of the pipeline starts from the first station Mohe of the second- line of China and Russia, terminating in the Xinlin district, the total length is about 289.01km. The terrain along the pipelines undulates, the type of landscape is a hilly landform area. The valley is dense, the valley terrace development is many asymmetric, and low-lying land covers thicker.
              The fourth tender starts from the south of Nehe City and the junction of  Yi'an county,Qiqihar City, ending at Linyuan Station in Daqing City with a total length about 212km. The area along the line is a typical Songnen Plain, with flat and open terrain.
              Since the project was launched in June, 2017, face the harsh conditions such as large span of construction, lack of water, scattered construction work and extremely cold weather etc, all the project staffs work together under the leadership of technical engineer Ge Yanchao, and project manager Tang Xin and He Xincai, to work with sincere cooperation, day and night fighting hard to overcome the difficulties, fighting snowstorm, complete the construction tasks excellently. The first and fourth tenders have been highly praised from the owners. All the staffs in the project can respond promptly to each construction, organize meticulously, manage scientifically and construct civilizedly so as to realize standardized management on site. This not only shows the good tradition of our company and the good features of staffs, but also fully embodies and develops "The spirit of Zhongtuo", but also add luster for the national petroleum pipeline construction .

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