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          Tahe broken pipe project engineering smoothly
                     With the aging of a large number of municipal pipelines, the demand for repairing old pipelines has been rapidly increasing. Among them, the pipe breaking method has been widely adopted for its unique advantages. Broken pipe method, which also known as pipe breaking method, pipe burst method or expanding method. This method does not belong to the pipeline repairing process, which is the pipeline renewal process, and derived from the trenchless technology, that is, only need to excavate two small pits for the placement of work equipment, and have less impact on the periphery. The main principle is to rely on the front of the steel cone head pneumatic hammer live tractor under the action of crushing the old pipe, lined with plastic pipe followed by tapered head, and finally completed the replacement of the old pipe construction.
                Compared with the traditional non-excavation repairing, broken pipe method has the advantages of high process precision, expandable pipe, high work efficiency and low cost. At the same time can be replaced at the same level or a larger diameter of PE pipe, PE pipe wall is smooth, flow significantly increased compared to the original pipeline.
                    Recently, the project of the single well pipeline Environmental Hidden Damage Management Project (Phase I) of in block 8 of Tahe Oilfield is sensitively underway. The purpose of this project is to reduce the high risk of corrosion of existing pipelines environmental hazards, thereby reducing pipe maintenance costs, to ensure safe and environmentally  operation.

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