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          Congratulate DN2000 pipeline stainless steel lining project of Shenyang Water   Company successfully to complete
              January 8, 2018, the pipeline project DN2000 stainless steel lining repair project of Shenyang water company was successfully completed. The project pipeline total length is about 5910 meters, pipe specification is DN2000 concrete pipe, wall thickness is 220mm. The commencement of this project made Henan Zhongtuo break through the first once again in the country with the largest diameter of 2m pipeline and accumulated valuable experience for the future large-diameter pipeline repairing in our country.
               The pipeline was laid in the nineties and has been in operation for more than 20 years. The pipeline has been subject to heavy soil pressure and large-scale vehicle moving shocks, causing more leakage points and serious waste of water resources, adding routine maintenance work. In order to ensure that the pipeline safe operation, environmental protection, reduce the workload of earth excavation, the pipeline using long-term trenchless stainless steel lining repairing technology for the old pipeline .
               The project time is tight and short duration, the owners asked not to stop the water, the entire project team at the more time continuously construct at night. In order to ensure the construction quality, under the leadership of Northeast Branch Manager of Zhang Hefeng, all the project staffs actively cooperate with the work, the staff's serious working attitude and the excellent repair technology of the company have won the praise of the owners. For the company won the honor once again.
                                                                 Welding in the pipe
                                                                     Pipe laying
                                                                 Construction site

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