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                        Haixi Pipeline HDD Crossing Successfully

          At 12:18 on January 21, 2018 , the second phase of the Haixi Natural Gas Pipe Network (Zhangzhou-Zhao'an Section) was successfully completed through HDD crossing project of Fuguang Expressway.

          Fuguang Expressway Crossing from ZZB009A + 1 to ZZB009A + 2  is located in Xinlushe, Hushan Village, Jingcheng Town, Nanjing City, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province. The crossing area is Level 2 with design pressure of 7.5MPa and diameter of Φ813mm. The HDD horizontal length is 565.9m, and the real length is 568.12m.

          The project is exceptionally complex in geology, with more soft and hard underground changes and easy formation of multiple steps. Have higher requirements on the curve, hole reaming washing technology and mud on the request. In response to this situation, we headed by the project leader Wang Shuaiming, the site manager Lai Yongbin, Jia Dongfang, Shen Zhenchao and all staffs work together to overcome the difficulties. Successfully dragged at 12:18 on January 21 and won the high praise of the company leaders and owners.


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